Meet Heather

You’re the Founder of Marketing Partnership, how did it all start?

I was getting more and more involved in advising clients on their marketing strategies and tactics, as well as lecturing in marketing, so needed to formalise that.

What’s your favourite aspect about working at Marketing Partnership?

I love being able to make a difference to the marketing that organisations do and helping people develop. Over the last 15 years or so, I think I have probably taught around 500 people here on the Isle of Man, which hopefully means that many organisations are improving their own marketing and in turn benefiting the Isle of Man.

Have you always wanted to be in Marketing?

Yes. From my original degree in Marketing and then subsequently working up through the Marketing Training Scheme and into marketing management at Glaxo Pharmaceuticals for 10 years, I realise I am passionate about delivering effective and professional marketing for businesses.

You were also a part of the Isle of Man Government Department of Economic Development, tell us more…?

I joined the Isle of Man Government’s Department of Economic Development in November 2010 with a very specific contracted brief acting as interim Head of Marketing: to improve the Isle of Man Government’s ability to compete on a global basis with key jurisdictions and locations across it’s key sectors.

Is Marketing only for large businesses with big budgets?

No. On behalf of DEFA I have run subsidised small business marketing workshops for over 10 years and trained around 140 small businesses, the vast majority of whom are still successfully in business and many of whom have very little or no budget. It’s about being smart with the budget and tracking the results.

If you wernt involved with Marketing in some capacity then what job would you be most happy doing?

Flower arranging (although I’m not very good at it).

What are your goals for Marketing Partnership fo the next few years?

Having recently launched the Marketing Apprenticeship Scheme for the Isle of Man, I would like to see that become a viable choice for people deciding to stay on the Island for their careers. I also would like to be able to spare enough time for volunteer working, such as Governor at Hospice Isle of Man.

Heather Blackley

Founder & Director

Director, The Marketing Partnership Limited

Director, The Marketing Consultancy

Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Marketing (FCIM)

Chartered Marketer

CIM Programme Tutor

Volunteer Governor, Hospice Isle of Man

Meet James

What motivated you to become a tutor at the Marketing Partnership?

I wanted to share my experience and knowledge in the field of marketing to help our learners reach their potential. Marketing is a dynamic, exciting and commercially vital subject which offers fantastic career opportunities, which I hope I can help unlock for students.

What is your marketing background and career history?

My working life started in the financial services and e-gaming sectors on the Isle of Man where I worked closely with start-up businesses, developing their plans and helping realise these. However a number of years ago I took a career turn into the field of marketing. I’ve since worked in a range of diverse sectors undertaking strategic marketing management roles with a strong focus on digital channels.

What do you enjoy most about Marketing?

The creative aspect of it really speaks to me as I have always been a creative individual with interests in music, design and photography. The increasingly fundamental digital aspect of marketing is also massively interesting and constantly evolving at breakneck speed. No two days are the same in the world of marketing!

James Brew


Tutor, The Marketing Partnership Limited

Associate of The Chartered Institute of Marketing (ACIM)

CIM Programme Tutor

It felt like a step back to take two steps forward, But this is a great way to get a wage, a professional qualification and learn. It is a good work life balance. Liam F

This Scheme gives you work experience, a wage and a new skill, even if you don’t decide to carry on with it afterwards. If anyone is thinking of an Apprenticeship, do it! Faith B

I have travelled to Jersey and met a lot of different people and it’s great to work for a such a large company. It was definitely a worthwhile decision. Pheobe H

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