Frequently Asked Questions

The Marketing Apprenticeship Scheme Questions

Who is this scheme aimed at?
This new apprenticeship scheme would be aimed at young people, who want to work in the marketing function of an organisation. There is no age limit, but the candidate must be a Manx worker.

It will also assist businesses with the training costs of a new recruit.

How long will the scheme be for?
The scheme will be for 1 year. The candidates take their assessments in line with the standard CIM assessment points of December, April and July in the year. The Department confirmed that the scheme would run for 1 year with the employer, irrespective of when the assessments were taken and passed. There is no obligation for the employer to keep the apprentice on after the 1 year apprenticeship period has lapsed
What qualifications are covered under this apprenticeship?

The Chartered Institute of Marketing Foundation Certificate in Digital Marketing (Level 3) with modules ‘Marketing Principles’ and ‘Digital Fundementals’ plus the first module of the CIM Certificate in Digital Marketing (Level 4) ‘Marketing’. ( )

What businesses can get involved with this scheme?
The scheme is open to all organisations with a marketing function.
We have a marketing apprentice – what do we do now?

Once the employer has selected an apprentice, they need to contact the DESC ( or telephone 687088) to begin the apprenticeship process. The apprentice will also need to formerly register with CIM and local Study Centre as a Marketing student upon instruction from the study centre. ( )

Where are the exams taken?

Students take their exams at the local CIM Exam Centre hosted by The Marketing Partnership and will submit their assignments to The Marketing Partnership Ltd at our address: 2nd Floor, St James Chambers, 64A Athol Street, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM11JE

Who pays the apprentice?
The company will pay the apprentice a wage. However, the Department will provide employers with assistance towards the apprentice’s wages.
Need more information?

If you need any additional information on the programmes, please contact Heather Blackley at For DESC information, please contact

When will the scheme start?

The scheme will start again in September 2020 (to coincide with the general academic study course dates).

How will the scheme work?

As this is an apprenticeship, the DESC would like the new scheme to mimic their pre-existing apprenticeship schemes, whereby the candidates work with their employer for four days a week, with one day per week, day release. On the day release, the candidate will undertake guided learning as part of their tuition course and be required to attend the study centre from 2PM on a weekly basis.

How many places are there available each year?

Initially, there were 6 places available to pilot the scheme in 2017 followed by 12 further places in 2018, with a limit of one apprentice per company (subject to demand). Additional places may be available to follow the same programme outside the Apprenticeship Scheme (scheme subject to numbers).

How does an employer obtain an apprentice?
The employer will source the candidate, via a normal interview process. The candidate should be a brand new entrant to the employer’s business.
What will the study centre (The Marketing Partnership Ltd) do?

The Marketing Partnership Ltd will see to the registration, tutoring and mentoring aspects of the apprentices. The Marketing Partnership Ltd will provide the employers and DESC with regular progress reports for the apprentice as required.

How will the financial support work?

The DESC have confirmed that they will reimburse all registration, study, exam and tuition costs for up to the L3/4 qualification for an Apprentice, at the end of the 1 year apprenticeship period. Unfortunately, no further financial assistance will be given to candidates who fail their assessments and have to re-sit.

Will the DESC support full CIM qualification via this scheme?

No, this scheme only applies to the Foundation Certificate in Digital Marketing (L3). The VTAS ( will be available to those individuals who wish to progress to complete Levels 4 (CIM Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing) and L6 (CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing, leading on to Chartered Marketer Status).